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1) Which was the last province to join Canada?
A. Prince Edward Island.
B. Newfoundland.
C. Yukon.
D. Manitoba.

2) Who has the right to enter and leave Canada at will?
A. British citizens.
B. Canadian citizens.
C. Citizens of United States.
D. Landed immigrants.

3) What are three minerals still being mined in the territories today?
A. Silver, lead and zinc.
B. Tin, lead and aluminum.
C. Gold, lead and zinc.
D. Zinc, gold and lead.

4) Who are Francophones?
A. Descendants of French colonists.
B. People speaking English as a first language.
C. People speaking French as a first language.
D. French people.

5) Why are the Great Lakes important to Canada?
A. Waterways.
B. Fresh water and waterways.
C. Water for agriculture.
D. Fishing.

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