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1. Who should use the Practice Test Package to practise?

If one or more of the following items apply to you, you should consider to use our Practice Test Package:
  • Run out of time to prepare for the test;
  • Cannot memorize all the content of the study guide "Discover Canada";
  • Feel unsure whether you can pass the test or not;
  • Find it hard to prepare for the test;
  • Want to speed up your progress and save time;
  • Get more but not useless practice;
  • Must pass the Canadian citizenship test and cannot afford to fail;
  • Need to evaluate how well your preparation is;

2. What does the Practice Test Package include?

The Practice Test Package contains eight(8) sets of well-organized proven practice tests. They contain the most commonly asked test questions* in the citizenship test. Each practice test has 20 questions, the same number as you will see in the real test. Answer sheets are provided for the practice of marking answers.

3. What is the major difference between the Practice Test Package and other practice tests?

Our practice tests are well-organized to reflect the most frequently used questions in the Canadian citizenship test. Although other practice tests may provide similar questions, we are the only one that summarizes and tells you what the most frequent questions are in the citizenship test. It is like extracting the gold out of the sand. If you want the gold instead of the sand, you should use our Practice Test Package.

4. What is the difference between the Practice Test Package and the questions in "Discover Canada"?

There are about 30 practice questions in the study guide "Discover Canada". None of them will appear in the citizenship test. In contrast, our practice tests has a smaller number of questions for you to study. Furthermore, our practice tests are in the multiple-choice format, which is the same as the real test. This could save you much time as you do not need to look up the correct answers in the study guide.

5. What are the advantages of using your Practice Test Package?

With our Practice Test Package, you can
  • Focus on the most important questions first and save a lot of time;
  • Get a concrete idea of what the real test looks like: our practice test is highly similar to the real test;
  • Evaluate your knowledge level of the test content and find out your weak points;
  • Warmup and gain confidence for the real one;
  • Practise using the answer sheet, which is necessary because the real test requires you mark your answers on an answer sheet;
  • Prepare for the test any time you like without bothering other people.

6. Can I prepare for the citizenship test by just using the Practice Test Package?

The questions in our practice tests are the most important ones you should know about. Without knowing the correct answers to these questions, you will fail the test.

Before using our Practice Test Package, we suggest you read through the study guide and memorize the knowledge as much as you can. We also recommend you practise with the questions in the study guide if time is not your concern.

7. What is the failure rate of the Canadian citizenship test?

Since 2010, the government of Canada revised its citizenship test and increased the benchmark passing grade from 60 percent to 75 percent. However, these changes have led to more immigrants failing the 20-question test. According to known data, the failure rate jumped to 30 percent since then.

8. After I order, how soon can I get the practice test package?

After you place your order, you can download the practice test package right away and start to use it. Please note, there is no hard copy mailed to your shipping address.

9. What softwares do I need in order to use the Practice Test Package?

The package comes in a pdf file format and can be downloaded to your computer. It can be viewed by Acrobat Reader or other pdf readers. Acrobat reader can be downloaded free from

Mac users: You can open the file directly using the Preview software that comes with a Mac computer.

10. How can I view the Practice Package on iPad, iPhone or other mobile devices?

You can first download and save the Practice Package (a pdf file) to a computer. From your computer, send yourself an email with the pdf file as an attachment. On your mobile device such as iPad or iPhone, find your email and view the attached pdf file.

11. I forgot where I saved the practice package. Is there way to download the package again?

Yes! You can re-download your practice package using the link in your order confirmation email.

12. Is my on-line order secure?

Yes! Your online transactions are safely encrypted and sent over 1024-bit encryption and processed on secure servers. We will email you an invoice so you can keep a record of your order in electronic form. Your credit card information is ommited from your invoice.

13. What currency do you accept for the payment?

We accept payment in CAD$, US$ and other major currencies.

14. Do you accept payment methods other than credit card?

Besides a credit card, you can pay by PayPal.

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* Based on previous citizenship tests. Questions in future tests may change without notice.

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